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Still No Herpes Cure

Herpes cure development is one of most controversial topics on the Internet today. According to recent studies, herpes is affecting more than 20% of the world's population, and it has become a global threat to public health.

Genital herpes is a virus that once contracted lays in the nerve cells. It can stay dormant for months and even years, and reappear when immune system is weaken. Stress, illness, surgery, sunburns, etc. often trigger painful herpes outbreaks. The most common symptoms of HSV outbreaks are fever, blisters,headache, muscle and back pain, itching in genital area, pain during urination, etc.

The initial herpes outbreak is typically the most severe and painful one compared to recurrent outbreaks, that are usually more mild. However, recurrent herpes outbreaks also cause pain and discomfort, and many people feel depressed, frustrated and confused because of it.

There is still no FDA approved cure for herpes, and once infected a person may have to learn how to live with the virus for the rest of their life. Using antiviral medicines such as Acyclovir, Famcicocir and Valacyclovir may help shorten the healing time after herpes outbreak and relieve the pain during outbreak. it is also advised to use Valaciclovir daily as suppressible therapy to reduce the risk of infecting partner in monogamous relationship. All antiviral drugs have potentially serious side effects (full list may be obtained at a pharmacy). After some time, antiviral drugs may become less effective as herpes virus can become resistant to drugs, and also because immune system may be damaged after prolonged use of medications. It is important to consult a health professional before taking any medication or making any drastic lifestyle changes, because certain changes may cause stress and lead to yet another painful outbreak. It is extremely important to take proper supplements especially when herpes virus is in an active state.

Latest research shows, that vitamins and supplements can help strengthen immune system naturally and let body do it's job. Aside from taking vitamins and supplements, it is also recommended to adopt some new healthy habits:

- Avoiding foods that are high in arginine, such as nuts, seeds, chocolate and wheat; corn syrup, highly processed foods and foods containing fructose syrup, "junk food".

- Adding lysine-rich foods and foods that help clean the body and strengthen immune system to a diet.

- Stress management: doing yoga, tai chi or meditating in the morning helps stay calm and focused even under a great amount of pressure during office hours.

- Doing regular physical activity that won't cause stress to the body, such as long walks, slow flow yoga, morning stretching and breathing exercises.

Recent studies also reveal various natural ways to relieve herpes symptoms and control outbreaks. For example, many doctors suggest, that taking l-lysine can shorten the length of herpes outbreak, while olive leaf extract is a very powerful natural supplement that can boost immune system. Oregano oil has natural antibacterial and antiviral properties, and wheat grass has been proven very effective in preventing the severity and frequency of HSV outbreaks.

herpes cure

Healthy immune system can suppress herpes virus and control outbreaks. It is important not to just stick to best diet or take supplements daily, but rather to understand what body needs and gradually switch to a healthier lifestyle without causing any damage to a body.

Post by ickypredestinat47 (2015-03-09 16:33)

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Baldness Cure For Men And Women And Natural Treatment For Hair Regrowth

New Hair Loss Protocol is an alopecia treatment created by Dr. Blount and Jared Gates who claims it to be a natural cure for baldness.

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding Hair Loss Protocol by Jared Gates and Dr. Blount who revealed that their alopecia treatment can cure baldness naturally. Over 90 thousand people have already used this innovative hair loss protocol and, according to many testimonials, the results people are getting after using this natural alopecia treatment are amazing.

Jared Gates developed Hair Loss Protocol treatment together with hair restoration expert Dr. Blount. Many doctors believe, that alopecia is often related to hormonal imbalance. Jared Gates and Dr. Blount discovered, that DHT (dihydrotestosterone) also plays a major role in hair loss (alopecia) in both men and women. Most drugs and hair loss treatments don't focus on DHT and that is the main reason why they are usually quite ineffective in the treatment of baldness.

Hair loss is not a life-threatening health condition, but it is a very unpleasant one. Many people believe, that baldness can only occur in men, but recent studies suggest, that one in three women over the age of 25 suffers from hair loss. There are very few ways to deal with hair loss: either to undergo a surgery or to get a hormonal treatment for alopecia. Those options are usually very expensive, may cause serious side effects and considered to be quite ineffective by many doctors.

Hair Loss Protocol is a completely natural alopecia treatment that doesn't require the use of any medications and expensive baldness treatments. Jared Gates and Dr. Blount reveal that Hair Loss Protocol focuses on destroying 5-alpha-reductase (enzyme that causes the production of DHT in human body) naturally, which stops hair loss and stimulates hair regrowth.

hair loss

Hair Loss Protocol shows how to naturally reverse hair loss. According to Jared Gates, healthy lifestyle and certain diet can cure baldness. Hair Loss Protocol reveals, how certain mineral, vitamins, foods and herbs can stop hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth. It may take several weeks or more to stop hair loss completely when using Hair Loss Protocol, but many people see the first results within couple weeks.

Hair Loss Protocol comes in a form of an eBook, which is very convenient, because it can be used anytime and anywhere. Hair Loss Protocol is designed for both men and women and has no age restrictions. It is safe to say, that Hair Loss Protocol is the most effective natural hair loss treatment on the market today. It is also very affordable compared to hair loss medications and alopecia treatments. Hair Loss Protocol comes with a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee. Many people have reported that not only Hair Loss Protocol helped them cure baldness, but it also improved their overall health.

Post by ickypredestinat47 (2015-03-03 15:58)

Tags: hair loss.alopecia treatment

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Hair Loss (Alopecia) Protocol Review Released By News Five

News Five Was Founded In 2013 And Focuses On Hair Loss Treatments. It Is Known For Reviews Of Natural Treatments.

Unites States – February 9, 2015 /PressCable/ —


News Five released their new review of Hair Loss Protocol. This review reveals if Hair Loss Protocol really stimulates hair growth. The review also shows if Hair Loss Protocol can help get rid of alopecia.

News Five owner says there are many people considering buying Hair Loss Protocol and a lot of buzz around its potential benefits in the health field. This review gives an objective analysis of how well Hair Loss Protocol actually delivers and some insights into whether it might be a good purchase at the current price.

Learn More About Hair Loss Causes And Ways To Treat Alopecia At The Official Website

Hair Loss Protocol treatment was developed by Dr. Blount, Jared Gates and their team of researchers. Hair Loss Protocol focuses on DTH (Dihydrotestosterone) steroidal hormone that causes alopecia in the first place. According to Mr. Gates, this hair loss treatment helps unclog the hair roots and stimulate the hair follicles (papilla) which leads to hair growth. Then, it restricts body from producing DHT hormone by denaturing the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. It is a completely natural hair loss treatment that was developed to reverse alopecia without the use of any medications.

More Information About Hair Loss Protocol That Has Proven To Be An Effective And Natural Way To Treat Alopecia Available At The Official Website

News Five reports that Hair Loss Protocol treatment comes in a form of an eBook (which can be conveniently used at home) and is covered by a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee. It is an easy-to follow hair loss treatment that is based on scientifically proven method and that only uses natural products and vitamins (no additional medications required). Hair Loss Protocol is suitable for both men and women of any age.

Another advantage of Hair Loss Protocol is that it costs much less that any traditional alopecia treatment and has no side effects unlike many hair loss medications.

Post by ickypredestinat47 (2015-02-10 05:32)

Tags: hair loss alopecia treatment

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Genital Herpes virus Has become the Modern worldproblems

The new research is the initial up-date of global herpes virus type Two estimates, since estimates for 2003 were released in 2008. Head source, Dr Katharine Looker from Bristol’s University of Social and Community Medicine, said: “Around 19 million men and women are newly infected with the infections annually.” More women are contaminated with the disease as compared to men - in the first quarter of 2012, it was calculated that 267 million women in addition to A HUNDRED AND FIFTY million men have been living with the problem. In 2012, incidence was estimated being highest within Africa (31.5 %) and then the Americas (14.4 %), though high rates seemed across all regions, making herpes simplex virus a universal public well-being problem.

Annually more and more people are becoming infected with herpes simplex virus type 2 (genital herpes virus) and this is the reason why it is crucial to take the basic safety measures when making sex activity. Remember, that after a individual is infected with genital herpes virus, he or she would have to live with it permanently. We have a approach to hold back genital herpes and live with no flare-ups, even so, an individual might still be infectious to others and have suffering throughout their living.

Genital herpes virus indicators can start with high fever, achiness and irritated lymph nodes, particularly in the groin, and especially throughout a 1st herpes simplex virus outbreak. Any area of the genitals could be affected, and the herpes could occur inside or outside of the genitals, the rectum, on the testicles, the buttocks, or on the penis. Often infection occur in the groin or thigh spot and are misdiagnosed as jock itch.

Herpes around the sex organs normally begin with the tingling feeling where the illness can break out. All those who have this condition and know it are highly informed to look at this warning sign. It heralds an herpes outbreak and means most people are contagious during this time.

Genital herpes virus could be flushed to others whether it is in an active or passive condition through genitals and skin. Nevertheless, it's not valid that a one that had sexual intercourse with somebody who has HSV would get afflicted in 100 PERCENT of the cases (the risk is really high although).

There's no cure for herpes simplex virus. Medical professionals typically recommend antiviral treatments which often gradually lessens immune system and might result in dangerous unwanted effects. Some people report that using herbal or homeopathic remedies and adopting a proper way of life along with stress management reduces herpes virus flare-ups.

The protein arginine feeds the herpes virus although lysine impedes it, reported by integrative medical care practitioner Dr. Deborah Gordon on her internet site. Both compete for assimilation, so keeping them in harmony or buying ingredients with more lysine compared to arginine may help your body defend against the herpes virus, suggests Gordon. Some most loved breakfast meals - for example cooked and ready-to-eat cereals, orange juices and nut butters

- are generally full of arginine while simultaneously are lacking in lysine, so that your morning meal will take some rethinking. Gordon says you to keep away from cereal, cream of wheat products, oatmeal, whitened or whole-wheat toast and sweet morning things like muffins and pastries. Sugary packaged ingredients may reduce immune system, resulting in herpes simplex virus outbreaks.

Lemon balm. Have a herbal tea from this and drink it. Allow the herb steep (not boil) approximately Fifteen minutes, then enjoy. Also apply it for your sore using a natural pad. You can cool the tea first to be able to feel much better upon application.

Curcumin. It’s legendary for antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial potential, but it also fights herpes virus, that means it would simply click the up coming site help you to lower the frequency and severity of your illness. We have now a research to demonstrate that. Health supplement, or try using a mini-poultice in your lips ulcer by blending turmeric essence with just enough normal water to form a sauce. For extra outcome, put a little curcumin powder from the supplement into the mixture.

Lavender and myrrh. Buy each of those and put together them, then put into the blister. Dilute if this stings.

HerpesCureHQ can suggest having traditional ancient Indonesian smoothie Jamu to prevent herpes simplex virus outbreaks:

A few bits of organic turmeric root

One bits of natural ginger

.5 cup of tamarind

1 or 2 spoons of uncooked honey

0.5 see this here of liter water

Mix and enjoy! It could taste slightly spicy although really should be drinkable.

Post by ickypredestinat47 (2015-01-31 16:24)

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